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Reliable and energetic partner for large quantities
of (sport) designer clothing and brand items.

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Overproductionor leftovers

Hybrid Trading focuses on the purchase and sale of large quantities of designer clothing from overproduction or overstock: Original brand items including sportswear, underwear, t-shirts, shorts, shoes, socks and accessories. We make sure that brand products are available for attractive prices on the European market.


As young and reliable partners we are open for distributorship. You will benefit from our far-reaching network, sales channels and market knowledge and our innovative logistics options. Contact us for an informal conversation!

Licences / SMU’s

Our market know-how and sales channels make us an ideal partner for accommodating a (sub-) license or Special Make up. We work with solid partners in Asia and Europe who guarantee to produce according to the brand’s standards.

VAS(Value Added Services)

As a buyer of a large retailer you expect a reliable and precise distribution of products across the stores. Through our innovative logistics center we can assure the distribution of the products among the stores according to your standards and wishes.

How can we help you?

We deliver customized solutions through an innovative and modern logistics center

About us

Hybrid Trading was founded by us, Paul Hogenbirk and Dennis de Groot. We have been involved in trading since an early age. In our youth, for example, we traded a lot on diverse e-commerce platforms.

When Hybrid Trading was established, we already had a large network in the European Union. This network allows us now to deliver large quantities of brand (sports) clothing and items directly from stock for attractive prices.

We often hear that we differ from our competitors. That might be due to the fact that we understand transparency and open mindedness as our core principles. Are you searching for a reliable partner with founded market knowledge and the right contacts? Then meet Hybrid Trading – a young and energetic team with innovative ideas!



Paul specializes on the purchase of leftovers of designer clothing and brand articles. The enthusiastic and humorous Brabander is a born optimist. He is goal-oriented and acts quickly and adequate while assuring to satisfy the interest of all parties. Through this approach, he strives for maintaining solid and long-term partnerships.

Dennisde Groot


Dennis is a creative entrepreneur who always thinks in terms of possibilities. He has extensive market knowledge about designer clothing as well as consumer needs. His focus is on unburdening buyers from chain stores and achieving an attractive margin for all parties.

We act quickly and adequate, fulfill our agreements and strive for long-term partnerships.